Volunteers giving by the ute (and trailer) load!


Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Northside Inc. (BMBAN) celebrates National Volunteer Week 2021 with a triumphant display of community giving.

Brisbane — 16 May 2021 — Today marked the return of BMBAN’s popular Pre-Loved Baby & Kids Market, the first conducted since COVID-19, supporting both multiple birth families and the general public in need of pre-loved children’s clothing.

“Year on year, the donations coming in from all parts of the Brisbane community multiply, and this year is no exception. We have trailers and utes full of donations and an army of supporters behind us in hosting this event” said President, Tiffany Visser. 

Challenges to volunteering during COVID-19

Like many non-profit organisations, BMBAN has struggled to maintain volunteer numbers and engagement with its members in the midst of social distancing, financial constraints and other issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for our members, and in turn our Committee, which is 100% run by member volunteers,” said Vice President, Amy Lucas.

Despite these challenges, BMBAN is determined to celebrate the achievements of its volunteers during National Volunteer Week and relish the glimpse of what things could look like in the future. “Our volunteers deserve all the recognition this week. BMBAN was established in 1977 and with the dedication of our volunteers, we are determined to see BMBAN through the turbulence of this pandemic, to see it passed on to a new generation of multiple birth families”, said Ms Visser.

National Volunteers Week

National Volunteers Week formally commences on 17 May 2021. It is spearheaded by Volunteering Australia and pays homage to the over 700,000 Queenslanders and over 6 million Australians who volunteer their time, making an extraordinary impact on individuals and communities. BMBAN is an entirely volunteer-run organisation and so National Volunteers Week goes straight to the heart and soul of the group.

The success of the event

BMBAN helped 58 of its member families shop for pre-loved clothing, for free. It also helped another 52 families from the public for only $10 per bag, enabling many families to stock up, just in time for winter. The excess donations are now on their way to Baby Give Back, a non-profit organisation that helps families in crisis. We couldn’t be happier that our volunteers’ efforts will continue on to help other families in need.

We encourage you all to use this week to thank a volunteer, and the people standing behind them that allow them to give their time to worthy causes. Because, after all, #volunteersrock

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BMBAN is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organisation established in 1977 to support multiple birth families on Brisbane's Northside.

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