Higher-Order Multiples

Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets or More!

Are you expecting three, four or more babies? Congratulations!

No doubt your first reaction was shock and disbelief. Don’t worry — you’re not alone!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that in 2012 there were 4,480 multiple births and of these, 59 were triplets.  Rest assured that there is an abundance of resources available to help overcome the emotional, financial, and practical obstactles of raising HOMs. With a little help, it can be an overwhelmingly positive and awe-inspiring experience.  

We have a number of triplet families of all ages active in our membership, so we encourage you to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

In the meantime, here’s a collection of handy links to help you on your journey.

Australian Government

Your family may entitled to one, some or all of the following Families Payments:

Multiple Birth Allowance – Families with at least three children born in a multiple birth and that are eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A are eligible for the Multiple Birth Allowance.

Newborn Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement – Newborn Upfront Payment is universal, but the Newborn Supplement his income tested.

Paid Parental Leave (PPL) – If you meet the work test.

Dad and Partner Pay – A separate one off payment for the working parent who does not claim Paid Parental Leave.

Family Tax Benefit A (FTB A) – Income tested ongoing fortnightly payments or a one-off end of financial year payment (plus an end of financial year supplement) to assist with parenting costs.

Family Tax Benefit B (FTB B) – Additional income tested ongoing fortnightly payments or a one-off end of financial year payment (plus an end of financial year supplement) to assist with parenting costs.

The following information regarding each of these Families Payments is copied from the Centrelink website.  Please click on the various links to ensure you have the most up to date information. More information can also be found on twinfo.com.au

Australian Multiple Birth Association Resources:

Parenting Triplets
This booklet gives advice and information about pregnancy and the care of triplet babies and children. Completely revised and full of delightful pictures, useful links and contacts for assistance and support.
Sold on the AMBA website. Please check their website for current pricing.

Other Resources:

Australian HOM Families!
A closed Facebook support group for families in Australia and Oceania expecting or living with Higher Order Multiples (triplets or more!). HOMs themselves are welcome too (R16). All topics welcome from pregnancy and birth right up to the teen years.

Aussie HOMmies Group
A closed Facebook group for HOM Mums

BMBAN also offers a Higher Order Multiple (HOM) contact who has walked the path of raising triplets or more and is here to support you along your journey. The local BMBAN HOM Contact can help connect you with further online support and if you become a member of BMBAN you can access the multiple closed Facebook groups BMBAN offers their members.

For any further information, please contact us here.

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