Member Benefits

There are so many benefits to joining BMBAN, and they are evolving all the time. Here’s a snapshot of some of our key member benefits.

Regular Play Groups

BMBAN regularly schedules play groups for our member families at various locations around Brisbane Northside. They are a great place to let the kids play and explore, while you get the opportunity to speak with other parents who all understand the unique challenges of raising multiples. Another benefit? You can look ahead at the older kids and figure out what to expect next! Find out more here.

Expectant Parent Information Sessions

For those expecting multiples, it can be a little overwhelming (don’t worry, we know!). Come along to one of our sessions to receive first-hand information from fellow multiples parents. We’ll cover so many things, including BMBAN Club Services, zygosity, feeding, routines and more!

Find out more here.

Regular Newsletters

“Multiple Cuddles & Chaos” contains key contact details, our social calendar, useful articles, member stories, birth announcements, birthdays, helpful hints, photographs, recipes and much more! It is a great resource and communication tool for members, keeping everyone in touch. Conveniently delivered straight to your inbox.

Social Events

Hosted by our wonderful members, our social events are a great opportunity to de-stress, pick up some survival tips and make friends. All of our members are welcome and these events can include: at-home play dates, morning teas, mums’ & dads’ nights out (woo hoo!), movie catch ups and more.

Our Big Club Events

Throughout the year, BMBAN hosts a number of family-friendly events, including:

  • End of year celebrations
  • Train Days
  • Clothes and Toy Swaps (excellent for stocking up!)
  • Multiple Birth Awareness Week Celebrations

Members can access the updated list of current club events here.

Facebook Private / Member-Only Pages

We host a number of member-only social media pages that allow our members to connect with each other in a safe and supportive environment, and to share tips & local information. Our groups currently include:

  • Members Only general page
  • Buy / Sell / Swap page
  • School-aged multiples page
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