Multi Mamas: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly so here’s some slightly different ideas for the mama of multiples in your life!

Mama date

Why not organise a lunch or dinner date for her with the other mums in her life? What about making it a multi-generational affair with her closest loved ones? Or does she have a group of close mum friends – why not organise a surprise for all of them together? It doesn’t have to be fancy, but trust us, this will earn some serious brownie points!

Coffee Machine

Do we need to say more?

Clean her car!

Inside and out, every inch. Oh yes, those car seats in the back need to come out and you have to commit to the task. Every. Single. Crumb.

Clean it, fill it up, check the tyres, make sure the first-aid kit is up to date. The shinier the better!

Bonus points if you take her for a nice drive once it’s done!

Wireless earphones / pods

Not a traditional one, but these serve a myriad of useful functions!

  • A relaxation tool – she can unwind and listen to her favourite music whenever she wants
  • A stress management tool – something to help lessen the noise of screaming toddlers or young children, using some low music or noise cancellation during the day
  • A mood booster – providing some upbeat vibes to get her through the day (even when the kids are sleeping!)
  • A functional tool – enabling her to talk to friends or family on the phone handsfree while she’s busy doing other things
  • A calming tool – winding down at the end of the night with a podcast or audio book in peace.

Small but mighty these ones!

Yes Day

Mother’s Day means mum’s turn at Yes Day! She has 24 hours to rule the roost, and whatever she says, goes.

Try starting the day with breakfast in bed, leave her a note with the rules, and wait for the games to begin!

Singleton time

Do you have a singleton plus multiples? Try organising a mummy + me activity just for the singleton in her life, to help her feel more connected with each of her children.

Or, what about organising a separate activity with each of her multiples? Sometimes juggling quality of time spent with each child can be hard, so why not make the time and space for her to reconnect with each of her kids on a one-on-one basis?

Take the mental load

Why not use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to recognise and take some of the mental load from mum?

Make an effort to pick certain areas of the household function that you can take over for the next 12 months – bills, scheduling appointments, updating important personal documents or wills, or managing kids activities.

Accompany it with a heartfelt note or message about her role as a mum, all the work she does and how much you appreciate her, and you might just find this one captures her heart.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Northside

“Dress like mum” Dinner

This is a great one for older kids and even adult children. Do it at home, or go out somewhere nice. Everyone has to dress up and arrive to dinner in their favourite mum look.

This will guarantee some laughs!

Give from the heart

No matter what you get her, we can promise you that it’s the little moments and the smallest gestures that often mean the most. So take the time to make her feel special, no matter how simple, and she will adore it.

We hope this has given you some handy ideas and we can’t wait to see the moments shared with our multi mamas this Mother’s Day!

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