Multiples Mums, a poem.

BMBAN is wishing all mothers a very special Mother’s Day this year. We especially send our love to our expectant and first-time member mums, and congratulate them on their first Mother’s Day!

This poem is for all our multiples mums xx

Their eyes widen as they say not one, but two little heartbeats,
For very special mums maybe it’s even more (what a treat!).
You’re scared, amazed and happy, but overwhelmed, just a bit,
But then you start to wonder, where on Earth are they all going to fit?!

You research and prepare as much as you can,
But the bone-aching tiredness runs from your feet to your hands.
Emotions are wild, they seem to ebb and flow with the tide,
One minute you’re up, and the next? You want off the ride

But it’s all ok we promise, go find your ticket and sit back down,
Because you will push through the pain. You will find your crown.
The time goes quickly, isn’t that what everyone says?
Well it does my friend, it does, so much that it scares.

Somewhere from within you will find your grit,
You may not know it at the time, but when you look back, you’ll see it!
You rally and wait and then here comes Baby A! Oh, and there is Baby B!
And for our truly blessed mummas, maybe a little baby C

You may not get to see or hold them right away, but that’s all ok,
Remember, you’re a mum now, on this very special day.
Kisses and cuddles might be delayed, but never fear,
When you do finally get to hold them you will shed many happy tears

At some point you will be ready to take your babies home,
Now this part, my friend, will be challenging on its own!
But you will survive, you will thrive, I promise!
Just remember to take it steady and be kind to yourself.

Your body needs time to heal, much longer than you might think,
But don’t forget to nourish your mind, your heart, and your spirit.
The days will be long, and the nights probably even longer,
But remember what you’ve already achieved- you’re so much stronger!

Someday soon those little babies will grow so much bigger,
The newborn scrunch disappears, and you watch your toddler giggle.
It’s probably only then that you will pause to reflect,
Jeez, what did I just conquer? I was an absolute wreck!

No you weren’t, not even a little bit, not even at all,
You became a very special mum, only few will get the call.
You became a mum of multiples, a mum of more,
A truly courageous mum, a mum we all adore.

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BMBAN is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organisation established in 1977 to support multiple birth families on Brisbane's Northside.

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